Giant Bubbles

    3 sizes of bubble wands
    Large $20.00/ Ages 10-100
    Medium $15.00 /Ages 4-10
    Small $10.00 /Ages 2-4
    Each wand comes with 1 packet of magic bubble powder.

    ​​The Bubble Lady

    ​I'm a happily married preschool teacher and a mother of three, and I have been using these handmade bubble wands for 4 years with my preschool students. Parents at my preschool wanted to buy the bubble wands from me, so I started making three different sizes.
    I'm a Mom and Pop store, and I love to talk to my bubble friends, so call me if you have a question or comment..
    Please contact me if you would like custom wands, at no extra cost.
    [email protected]
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    3. Title 3
    There are three sizes of bubble wands.
    Small is for children ages 2 to 4.
    Medium is for children ages 4 to 10.
    Large wands are for ages 10- 100
    These bubble wands are great for toddlers  and everyone up to 100 years old.
    They are great for  birthday parties, school parties, graduations, family reunions, campouts, holidays, summer outdoor fun, weddings, scouting events, sciene fun.

    Bubble Wands

    These bubble wands come in three sizes and many different styles.  There is a size suitable for each person in your family or group!